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At the heart of every AMG International ministry outreach is a national leader; they are the hands and feet of AMG International in the countries where we work. These dedicated men and women are reaching out to their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through AMG International’s National Leaders Sponsorship program, we can come alongside them and better equip and resource them to serve others, while inspiring hope and transforming communities.

Because national leaders are already familiar with the local language and culture, they can reach people without the challenges that cross-cultural missionaries might face. They do not require tedious government paperwork, thus freeing up their time and energy for ministry. In addition, national leaders can minister in their own culture at a fraction of the cost of preparing, sending and sustaining a cross-cultural missionary.

Two main ministries under this category include training pastors and planting churches. In many countries where we work, pastors have the passion to serve, but lack basic Bible education and study aids. Many do not even have a complete copy of the Bible. AMG International is meeting these needs by supporting seminaries and training pastors and church leaders through conferences. In areas that lack a church presence, we train and mentor church planters and provide financial sponsorships. Our goal with church plants is always to equip them to become self-sustainable within five years.

Our team of national leaders includes the following:

Doctors and nurses in AMG International’s hospitals and clinics, committed to praying for and sharing God’s love with patients while providing expert medical care
Teachers, school directors and faculty who teach God’s word to students of all ages
Camp directors and staff providing Bible teaching, Christian counseling and life training to children and adults
House parents, program directors and staff of AMG International’s youth development centers, hostels and 117 orphanages, ensuring sponsored children and their families receive care, protection and access to social services
Church planters, as well as those who are active church members, spiritual leaders, disciplers and trainers of pastors
Mature Believers
Mature believers open to God’s calling to lead and oversee AMG International ministries in their home countries




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Believers Baptized


National Leaders 

Around the globe, many pastors in developing nations are leading churches with either little or no formal training. Giving these pastors access to formal training would further equip them to serve their congregations and spread the Gospel.

In response to this need, AMG International missionaries Ron and Denise Hamme organized a two-day training on the island of Northern Samar in the Philippines. The purpose was to prepare “trainers of trainers” to teach curriculum to pastors and Christian leaders in areas where formal Bible training was unavailable or unaffordable. The material covered the skills necessary for a pastor to effectively lead, teach and shepherd a congregation. The expectation was that participants would then share the resource with others, multiplying the impact of the training.

Since then, that purpose has indeed been fulfilled and continues to be met. One of AMG International’s national leaders, Pastor Reynaldo Teñoso, gathered approximately 80 pastors, church leaders and interested believers from Samar and neighboring islands for a three-day pastors and leaders conference. Despite heavy rain and power outages that interrupted the event, the participants were hungry for knowledge and encouragement. Many of them commented that the teaching was vital to their ministries and would be quickly implemented. AMG International continues to train nearly 1,500 pastors and church leaders each year in the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya and elsewhere, equipping them to strengthen their churches and transform their communities.

Partnership with national leaders

Dedicated nationals serve in their home culture


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