Daowpawan Wattanatrakulwong

In partnership with our donors, AMG International directly operates 55 child and youth development centers in 11 countries, benefiting thousands of children in need. One of those centers is New Hope in Thailand, which operates a school and a hostel program. The New Hope Child and Youth Development Center was established in 1980, and is located in a small village in the Maejarim district of Nan Province in northern Thailand. The vision of the center is to transform the lives of children with the love of Jesus, while training them up to be responsible, fruit-bearing citizens of the Kingdom.

Daowpawan Wattanatrakulwong is one of the students who have benefited from the generosity of child sponsorship at New Hope. She was born into a Hmong hill tribe family in the village of Romklao, which is in close proximity to the Thai-Laos border. Her parents are poor farmers raising four children on little income. They work hard trying to meet the family’s basic needs, but they are quite poor. Early on, Because the mountainous area that Daowpawan resides is many miles away from the closest city, she did not have any educational opportunities. The nearest government school was much too far to walk to. Her family looked into AMG’s New Hope Center, and she was eventually able to both live at the hostel and get a much-needed education. Education is a major means of breaking the cycle of poverty in one’s life in poor areas like northern Thailand.

Daowpawan has made several good friends at New Hope and has been regularly exposed to the Gospel during scheduled devotional times. Before attending New Hope, she described herself as shy and having low self-esteem. As you can imagine, her life was filled with challenges, as her physical and spiritual needs were not being met. 

During her time at New Hope, Daowpawan developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She is now in the ninth grade and is doing well academically. She wants to be a nurse so she can help the sick among the Hmong people. Having come from that community, Daowpawan knows that language is a big barrier to the people there. As such, they are not able to explain their illnesses to doctors, which makes it difficult for medical staff to provide proper treatment of the sick. Daowpawan also hopes to provide some financial help to help her family have a better life through her planned nursing career.