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Introducing Joseph Haefs, Mission Teams Coordinator

Hi, Joseph, tell us a little bit about yourself. What would you say is your “generational identification?” JH: Let’s say “That Generation”…. “Xennial”… “Millennial” … the “we don’t want to be labeled” generation. Any degrees we might be interested in? JH: I earned a...

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Living with Leprosy

Back in Bible times, a person who had been diagnosed with leprosy would immediately be sent away from their homes and village. Easton’s Bible Dictionary explains, “In Christ's day no leper could live in a walled town, though he might in an open village. But wherever...

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“Physician, Heal Thyself…”

A Doctor Sees the Lord at Work in His Life At Diaconia Medical Center in Braila, Romania, not all the staff and doctors are Christians, as we don’t have many evangelical doctors and nurses in our town. They subscribe to an orthodoxy, were baptized as babies, and...

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The Hope of Glory

During the 1950s and 1960s two long-time missionaries, Bill Hekman and Harold Lovestrand (both of whom would later become AMG mission directors in the late 1970s) were ministering in the wild unreached regions of eastern Indonesia. The area where they worked is called...

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“Suffer the Little Children…”

It was late in the afternoon and our group was preparing to clean up AMG’s Nim Jay Yalú Bible and Feeding Center before heading back to Guatemala City after another long and fruitful day of ministry. As Bob Yeater, founder of Suffer the Children – Guatemala was...

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Where we work

Inspiring hope, restoring lives and transforming communities around the world

AMG International’s original mission was to reach the Greeks in America and abroad. Since then, our ministries have grown to serve people in over 35 countries. Click on the map to learn more about our work in a specific part of the world.



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