Shaheen is an 18-year-old Christian girl living in Pakistan. She was born into a poor family who was enslaved at a local brick kiln. Shaheen, along with her parents, were working night and day but still weren’t making enough income to put food on their table or provide for other basic necessities.e

Her father was diagnosed with heart disease and was unable to work for a time, causing the family to take out a loan to pay for the treatment. Later on, Shaheen’s father tragically died from a sudden cardiac arrest in November 2018.

Shaheen and her family were helpless. Their loan kept increasing because they couldn’t work while they cared for her father. And, now with her father gone the brick kiln owner was sexually harassing her and her mother.

To stop the abuse Shaheen’s mother decided to arrange for her daughter to marry a fellow brick kiln laborer, Naeem.

When the owner of the kiln found out Shaheen had gotten married he was infuriated and demanded the loan be paid back at once and in full. In addition, the amount the owner demanded was larger than what the family had taken out to begin with. Shaheen, her new husband, and her mother continued to work night and day to fill the nearly impossible quotas demanded by the kiln owner. Soon, Shaheen became pregnant.

In June of this year Shaheen, when she was five months pregnant, was kidnapped by the brick kiln owner and his assistants, transferring her to another kiln. The owner threatened to rape Shaheen and kill her unborn child if the family’s loan was not paid back in full. Naeem was able to pay some of the loan, but the owner was still asking for more than the original amount.

Naeem was able to contact AMG national leader Christina Javed for help. Christina, a human rights lawyer in Pakistan, immediately filed a petition for Shaheen’s rescue.

The first rescue attempt failed because they didn’t know Shaheen’s exact location, and it took two more weeks for them to find her. After being held captive for one month, Shaheen was rescued thanks to God’s intervention. She was weak, but her unborn baby was healthy.

She was transferred to the Sablone Shelter to recover from the abuse she suffered. The Sablone Shelter provides vocational training and offers safe shelter to individuals and families freed from enslavement, including abused women, and abandoned women and children. The shelter helped transfer Shaheen and her family to a new city where they are settling into their new lives.

Please pray for Shaheen, her husband, and their child as they start their new lives together. Please also pray for Shaheen’s mother, who is also safe and secure.


Muslim women and children who find refuge in Sablone House know they are being welcomed by Christians. They have an opportunity to hear the Gospel through Bible study, devotionals and community prayer time. They can immediately see the stark contrast between the suffering and abuse they are trying to escape and the love and comfort provided by those who profess Christ. There are regular prayer meetings in the sewing class and for those who find refuge in the center whether they are Christians or Muslim.