The restrictions governments have enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic have created obstacles for AMG’s Bundles of Love program this year. However, amidst unknowns, each child development center has put together creative alternatives to the traditional celebrations that many children and their families look forward to each year. While each child development center celebrates a bit differently, they all emphasize food, fun, and most importantly, the gospel. AMG uses Bundles of Love as an opportunity to share and celebrate the gospel with parents, siblings, and community members for the first time or in a new way. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of this year’s Bundles of Love will remain.


Our centers in Guatemala typically include something to eat, something useful, and something fun in each bundle. This year they plan to include face masks and face shields for each child and their family members in addition to an increased amount of food supplies, while still including something fun for the child. These masks will not only help prevent the spread of the virus, but they will give families who cannot afford masks the ability to leave the house and enter places where masks are required.


Our partners in the Philippines have creatively designed three distribution plans this year and have intentionally kept Christ at the center of each plan. In certain regions, parents in groups of ten would come to the center to receive the bundles for their children, sing Christmas carols, and pray together. In other regions, staff members will deliver bundles door to door while singing carols and praying with each individual family. For the remaining centers, a group of parents will bring bundles to another group while they sing and pray together, and the receiving group will do the same for another group.


AMG Uganda customizes bundles specifically for each child. While the staff is still unsure what the process will be to distribute Bundles of Love, the children will receive practical gifts such as bed sheets, clothing, backpacks, or blankets.




Peru plans to include a whole chicken, vegetables, and legumes in the bundles that will be delivered to each home.



Centers in Thailand plan to have their usual large celebration with preaching, talent shows, group songs, games, and a meal while passing out the bundles. If possible, family members and other guests will be invited to celebrate as well.


Bangladesh will operate as normal with minor adjustments. The celebration will remain the same, but the children will socially distance and use face masks.