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It will take $33,400 to purchase a new building in Sheikhupura, Pakistan for Grace Bible College and cover the cost of food and transportation for students.

Hameed Qurashi lives in a small rural village near Sheikhupura, Pakistan. Like all of us, he was once an unbeliever. But that changed when Ayub David, a faithful AMG International pastor and Bible professor, started traveling to Hameed’s village to share the Gospel.

At first Hameed would make fun of Pastor David, but then God got ahold of his heart. One day Hameed was walking by a small gathering in town and heard Pastor David boldly preaching about being a light in the darkness. Hameed was moved by what he heard and accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior that very day. He quickly decided to put his new faith into action by sharing it with nonbelievers.

However, this new believer knew he needed to learn the Word of God in order to be a better witness for Him. After accepting Christ, Hameed received quite a bit of opposition from his family and friends. He even lost his job in his predominantly Muslim village. Thus, he did not have the financial resources to get a Bible education. What was he to do? He had a deep desire to learn Scripture and serve God, but he could not afford to pay education costs.

Hameed’s story is one we have heard before. And that’s why we started Grace Bible College and Seminary in 2016. We wanted to train up pastors, evangelists and church planters and leaders to reach the lost throughout Pakistan; and we wanted to do it at no cost to students. Not only does AMG’s Grace Bible College provide a free four-year education, we also, through the generosity of AMG’s financial partners, meet the transportation and food costs of our students. Hameed recently said, “I had no financial resources to get a Bible education. I thank our Heavenly Father for Grace Bible College and for providing me with a biblical education free of cost. They have made it possible for me to come and learn the Word of God.”

The course of study at Grace Bible College and Seminary includes all the books of the Old and New Testament, preaching, church planting, evangelism, computer skills and English as a second language. Because of the investment he has received from the caring and knowledgable teachers at Grace, Hameed has confidence to preach the Word to nonbelievers in his village. He gets ridiculed at times, but he says, “I know if I preach the Word of God it will move on people’s hearts just as it did in my life.”

Grace Bible College and Seminary professors are AMG International pastors and national leaders. The college currently has 21 students and is ready to double its enrollment to help meet demand. Students come from urban and rural communities throughout Pakistan, and they live in predominantly Muslim areas. The school currently meets in a church, and needs its own building in order to enhance the experience of students and grow enrollment. Many students are eager to attend Grace have been patiently waiting for room to open up. Hameed asks that we “pray for God’s provision for a building to house the school, and for His provision in meeting the education and transportation needs of students.”

It takes $8,400 to cover the cost of food and transportation needs for students while they are attending classes at Grace. And, it will cost $25,000 to purchase a building in Sheikhupura, Pakistan to serve as the college campus.

As Christians we know the importance of leveraging our giving to help fulfill the Great Commission. What better investment is there than to help train up and equip pastors, evangelists, and church planters to impact Muslim countries for Christ? Please know that our financial partners play an important role in making this possible. Would you prayerfully consider how you might join us in this important effort? Together, we can help build the Kingdom in Pakistan and throughout the world.

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