A Doctor Sees the Lord at Work in His Life

At Diaconia Medical Center in Braila, Romania, not all the staff and doctors are Christians, as we don’t have many evangelical doctors and nurses in our town. They subscribe to an orthodoxy, were baptized as babies, and attend church occasionally – most often, it seems, at Christmastime and on Easter Sunday. Apart from that, spirituality isn’t a strong focus in their lives.

When we begin to partner with various medical specialists, we explain our rules, mission and values employed at the clinic. As you can imagine, some have been reluctant to collaborate with us. But, God is at work, and we now have the best specialists in town working in our clinic and respecting our rules.

Let me share a story about God’s work in the life of our OB/GYN, Doctor Robert, who is orthodox. Last year his wife was pregnant with a baby boy, and two months before he was born the mother was facing serious medical issues. Because of the hospital in Braila having substandard medical equipment, the couple elected to travel to Bucharest for care. Our physician stayed with his wife while she was hospitalized for a few days in Bucharest.

Before he left for the hospital, I assured Doctor Robert that we would be praying for him and his family, and I encouraged him to pray and trust God as well. While he was in Bucharest with his wife, he called me a few times, and whenever he did I reminded him that his family was in our prayers. All went well, and soon his wife and newborn baby were well enough to go home.

When our doctor returned to Diaconia, he was very honest with me and recognized that only God could have helped them through this difficult time, having clearly seen Him at work in their lives. Soon afterward, Doctor Robert informed me that he decided not to perform any abortions at the area hospital. I was thrilled. While abortion is legal at the state hospital, he refuses any requests for the life-ending procedure. He also told the head of the hospital about his decision, and explained how God helped his wife deliver a healthy baby.

Please pray for Doctor Robert and for God to continue to work in his life and that of his family.

We are thankful to our Lord, and we trust Him to bring all of the staff and physicians at Diaconia Medical Center to a saving knowledge of Him.

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