Below is a letter from our national leader in Argentina, Jorge Ovando. They have started a unique ministry helping their communities build homes quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

As a part of our ministry, we founded Eco IBEM to take care of the environment and provide a home to those in need. At Eco IBEM, we make ecological bricks composed of plastic bottles and cement.

Through our educational programs, we teach the community to promote responsible habits and correct disposal of inorganic waste. We try to apply the 4 R’s: Recover, Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.

RECOVER: In collecting waste, we involve neighbors, institutions, industries, and urban collectors.

RECYCLE: Plastic is selected according to its quality, and it is crushed in order to transform it into useful raw material.

REUSE: In our case, we manufacture ecological bricks, improving the quality of the construction in terms of the advantages that this brick provides. Even though they cannot be used in enclosures as a structural element, they are full of benefits. They are light, fireproof, athermic, and they hold up better during an earthquake due to their flexibility. The use of these bricks is a clean and ecological solution that respects our environment. Another magnificent advantage is the simplicity in its production process. They do not require cooking like normal bricks, and the process is simple: just a mixture of cement and twenty plastic bottles.

REDUCE: This process reduces the risk of environmental contamination and helps keep the environment free of inorganic residues.

We are also collaborating with the most vulnerable families to build their houses with ecological bricks. Please pray that we can buy a new machine for the brick production and a vehicle to transport them.

Thank you for your faithful support!