Costas and Dona Tsevas

Serves with AMG International in Greece

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Costas Tsevas serves with AMG International in Greece. He and his wife Dona have three daughters, Tonia, Debora, and Demetra-Ioanna. Costas serves as Director of Biblical Archaeology and New Testament Studies at the International Center for New Testament Studies located on the campus of AMG’s CosmoVision Center in Athens, Greece. Costas Tsevas was born in Koropi, Greece in 1961. He is a graduate of the University of Athens, with a B.S. degree in Economics and Accounting. From 1998-2000, he attended the Ionian University of Archaeology and History to earn his license as a professional tour guide. As a highly sought-after Licensed Historical Expert, Costas’ ministry involves training students for future ministry through knowledge of the past, and catching a vision for the future.