Abram Esmith Huaman Alberto

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 9 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Peru
Center: Huaylas

 every month

Abram is a friendly, easygoing boy in Peru who loves using his imagination. He enjoys pretending he can fly, using small pieces of wood as toy cars, and telling silly stories. Abram admires strong men in his community and dreams of becoming a police officer or joining the military. His parents work long days as a painter and a street vendor, and they are not able to meet all of Abram’s needs. By sponsoring Abram, you help him receive emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual care at Huaylas Valley. Thank you for investing in Abram’s life and introducing him to Jesus Christ. Abram’s brother, Rafael, is also in AMG’s child development program.

Huaylas Valley Child Development Center

The Huaylas Valley Child Development Center partners with a local church to minister to poor children. The church facilities are used to talk with children’s parents about education, nutrition, and the truth of Christianity. Every week children eat nutritious meals at the center. The center staff help children with their homework as well as provide supplies and clothes so that the children can attend school. Lastly, the center staff teach from God’s Word and disciple these children in their faith.

Peru is a culturally diverse country in South America. The majority of the population profess to be Christian, with the majority being Roman Catholic. Terrorism and social violence can be common in certain areas. Generally speaking, there is a lack of stable jobs and it is often difficult to find consistent work. Many fathers abandon their families, leaving them in challenging circumstances. Alcoholism, drug use, and gang violence are also prevalent in many communities.