Adriana Julissa Lux Canel

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Adriana is a girl who loves to play with her friends. She has one younger brother and lives with her grandparents in a rural village of Guatemala. There are eight people living in their home, which is made of block. Adriana’s parents were very young when she was born and they are now separated and in new relationships, so they do not want to take responsibility for Adriana and her brother. Adriana’s grandparents are teachers but do not earn enough to adequately provide for the children. They also need Adriana to be cared for in a safe environment while they work. Adriana is a good student; her favorite class is math, and she likes to play and listen to Bible stories. By sponsoring Adriana, you can help her expand her knowledge of the Bible and other subjects as well as provide her with nutritious food, clothing, and medical care.