Adriell Adrian Fidelis Pattiwael

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Adriell is a young boy in Indonesia who lives with his mother. His father passed away, leaving his mother to provide for Adriell through any kind of work she can find. Because of poor living conditions, Adriell is susceptible to illness and infections. Adriell is a quiet child, but enjoys going to school. He wants to receive an education so he can break the chains of generational poverty and make his mother happy; however, his mother is unable to afford Adriell’s school fees. By attending the Supit Urang Child Development Center, Adriell will be able to receive a free education, eat nutritious food, receive medical care and supplements to prevent illness, and hear teaching from the Word of God. By coming alongside Adriell as his sponsor, you can make an eternal impact on his life and provide him hope for the future!