Aldrid Oscar Stiven Osorio Beltran

Age: 5 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Guatemala
Center: Oratorio
 every month

Aldrid is a wonderful young boy in Guatemala. He is malnourished due to his parent’s financial situation. He requires vitamin-enhanced milk, but his family is unable to afford it. Their diet consists mainly of beans and herbs they can scavenge. Aldrid’s parents are deeply concerned for the welfare of their child. Aldrid’s family is in debt because Aldrid’s uncle bought a motorcycle in Aldrid’s father’s name and then did not pay for it. Aldrid’s father now must pay for a motorcycle he does not possess. The village that Aldrid lives in has an extensive gang problem. Someone must remain home at all times or their house will be looted by local criminals. Despite all the challenges, Aldrid’s family states that God has always taken care of them from all evil.” They live in a house made of blocks, tin, and cement floors. They are thankful to have a home that protects them from the elements. Aldrid color in coloring books and play soccer. He dreams of being a police officer to help stop crime in his neighborhood. Thank you for sponsoring Aldrid, and providing him with nutritious meals, medical attention, and education, and discipleship as he begins his journey with Christ.

Oratorio Child Development Center

The Oratorio Child Development Center serves children in the small city of Oratorio in Guatemala. At the center, children attend general education classes in addition to learning life skills. Staff provide the children with nutritious meals each day. Every week teachers share from God’s Word in devotion time in addition to leading Bible classes. Since many children do not attend church, the center also participates in evangelistic events such as summer camp each year.

Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America. The majority religion is Christianity and is primarily Roman Catholic. Families in Guatemala suffer from many difficult circumstances such as drug use, alcoholism, physical violence, broken homes, and malnourishment. Often children are forced to begin working at an early age. Many families are extremely poor, live in small dilapidated homes and don’t make enough to provide for their physical needs.