Alianys Belen Hernandez Chavez

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Alianys is a young girl in Guatemala who loves to listen to music and play with dolls. She is described by others as a good student who enjoys art class, and she hopes to one day become a teacher. Alianys lives in a house made of block, cement, and tin with her parents and siblings. Alianys’ father works as a truck driver, but struggles to provide for his family because he has an unstable income, works on commission and gets paid once a month. Alianys’ mother is a homemaker, caring for Alianys, her brother, and her sister. Basic necessities such as food, medicine, shoes, clothing, and education are difficult to come by for this family. Would you consider sponsoring Alianys today? Together with AMG, you can provide nutritious food, healthcare, educational help, and biblical teaching while changing the course a young girl’s life. Thank you for caring about Alianys and preparing her for a brighter tomorrow!