Andy Miller Gavino Trujillo

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Age: 8 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Peru

Andy lives with six other people in a plywood house on a dirt mountain in the desert of northeastern Lima. If you were to visit, you would meet his father, who gets temporary jobs to provide for his family; his mother, who stays home to take care of the kids (but occasionally works to make some extra money); and his brother and three sisters. You would also see that Andy and his family could really use your help to give him an opportunity to go to the AMG’s child and youth development center. The education, nutritious meals and Bible training he would receive would help him Andy for a brighter tomorrow. He would like to be an engineer someday.

Peru is a culturally diverse country in South America. The majority of the population profess to be Christian, with the majority being Roman Catholic. Terrorism and social violence can be common in certain areas. Generally speaking, there is a lack of stable jobs and it is often difficult to find consistent work. Many fathers abandon their families, leaving them in challenging circumstances. Alcoholism, drug use, and gang violence are also prevalent in many communities.

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