Areeya Saewue

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 11 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: Thailand
Center: New Hope

 every month

Areeya is a sweet and responsible girl. She enjoys going to school in her town and her favorite subject is Math. When she grows up she wants to become a teacher. Areeya lives with her mom, dad and two brothers in a one-bedroom mud house. Her parents are both farmers, but due to an extended season of drought during the past several years, the family does not have enough income to support their needs. Areeya is at high risk of being forced to work at a very young age or get married in her early teen years. Going to school would help prevent that and would help break the cycle of poverty in her life. Would you consider sponsoring Areeya today? Together, we can transform this family in Jesus’ name.