Argyris and Dina Petrou

Serves with AMG International in Greece

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Argyris and Dina Petrou are serving the Lord with AMG International in Greece. They have three sons: Mark, Erik, and Erastos. The Lord has called Argyris to step by faith into a full-time teaching position at the Greek Bible College, following 10 years of pastoral experience in Toronto and Piraeus, 8 years in the evangelistic and publishing work of AMG Greece, and 12 years in the leadership of the Greek Evangelical Alliance. In addition to serving as a professor at the Greek Bible College, the only Bible school in Greece, he is also a preacher and ordained minister of the Greek Evangelical Church, and a published author through the Greek publishing house, O LOGOS. At the same time, the Lord called Dina to a cutting-edge ministry found at the fringes of society, following years of being a pastor’s wife and a mom. After nearly 10 years of ministering to women trapped in the brothels in downtown Athens, she founded and now serves as the director of a ministry providing safe housing and a recovery program to survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. This ministry empowers women to find freedom, walk through their journey of healing, and reintegrate into society.