Atchariyaporn Kamalaskomol

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Atchariyaporn is a sweet little girl studying in Thailand. She loves to play and says that she would like to become a teacher when she grows up. Atchariyaporn comes from a tribal family; her parents have an intermediate education and are farmers. They grow rice for their own food as well as corn to take to market. Droughts have affected farmers in Thailand for several years now, and debt is a common problem. Atchariyaporn’s parents are very grateful for the educational opportunities she has through the sponsorship program. Thank you for your support!

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and many people also believe in the spiritual realm. Children from poor families go to state-run schools where teaching is sub-standard. Their parents normally have little education and cannot be relied upon to help them.  School children seldom reach the ninth grade and most end up working in family farms. Since the people have very low or no education, they lack basic knowledge of life skills like personal hygiene, household management, family planning and balancing budgets.

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