Bongkotchakorn Saejao

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Age: 10 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: Thailand

Bongkot is a patient and obedient young girl living with her mother, stepfather, and three sisters. The family live in Thailand in a hill area where they must lease land from the government to farm. They raise corn to sell and rice for family consumption. Because of 3-4 years of drought and irregular weather, they now pay high interest for the use of land and have little return for their efforts. Bongkot is the oldest of four sisters. She lives in a wood and brick house with the bathroom outside. Public transportation is not available; people own cars or motorcycles. Because of crime, drug and alcoholism in the community, it is not safe for young children, especially girls. This lovely little girl will benefit from support which will allow her regular healthcare, educational opportunities, and Bible studies that are all offered at the childcare center.

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and many people also believe in the spiritual realm. Children from poor families go to state-run schools where teaching is sub-standard. Their parents normally have little education and cannot be relied upon to help them.  School children seldom reach the ninth grade and most end up working in family farms. Since the people have very low or no education, they lack basic knowledge of life skills like personal hygiene, household management, family planning and balancing budgets.

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