It takes $1,000 to purchase and install a new borewell to provide clean drinking water in high drought rural villages in India. AMG International has identified villages in need of borewells, for a total cost of $25,000.

Suggested Donation: $50.00

Country: India


AMG International receives heartfelt thank you notes written to our financial partners on a fairly regular basis. These letters of appreciation, along with miraculous stories of impact, serve to encourage our ministry team and our donors. We received two such letters recently from village communities in India expressing appreciation for the borewells provided and installed by AMG. One was from the community elders in Ravipadu, and the other from community leaders in Jonnalagadda – a village in India’s Guntur District located 150 miles from the state capital.

Jonnalagadda is a village made up of fewer than 6,000 residents where rice and other crops are prevalent, along with small dairies. The literacy rate in the village is over 60 percent. The community has churches, temples and mosques, where residents celebrate various religious traditions. It is fertile ground for sharing the Gospel. But as we have learned over the years, people are not generally interested in hearing the Good News until their physical needs are met. Thus, our ministry approach is to meet the deepest needs, inspire hope, restore lives and transform communities.

Due to the hot summer temperatures and little rain, the village well and pond in Jonnalagadda dried up and were no longer producing any water to the townspeople. Thus, they were forced to walk three and a half to five miles each way to collect drinking water for their families and livestock. Members of the communities were forced to sell their cattle at reduced rates because they weren’t able to feed and water them. In addition, the distance needing to be traveled to get water created a hardship for many families with some being forced to forgo earning a daily living because there are not enough hours in the day.

Due to the difficulties being faced by the two villages, the elders approached AMG International for help, which we were happy to provide. After working with our national leaders we came to the conclusion that the best way to meet this need was to install borewells. These are wells dug deep into the ground that tap into water-bearing soil and rock layers. A submersible pump is inserted and attached to a delivery pipe that rushes the water to the surface when pumped by the villagers. Borewell water is cleaner than pond water and is readily available even during the hot summer months – making life easier on the community.

The elders in Jonnalagadda wrote, “Because of AMG’s borewell, our residents and their cattle are getting sufficient drinking water. Most of the families have gotten their cattle back, and their financial condition is improving. Health and sanitation conditions have improved as well. We are very happy and grateful to AMG and their donors for providing us with sufficient drinking water. They go on to write, “We praise God for providing drinking water through AMG and its donors. May God bless you as you continue to provide drinking water to people who are suffering like we were.”

Each borewell costs $1,000 to purchase and install in the villages. Our goal is to install twenty-five additional wells in the coming months.

As you can imagine the draught situation isn’t isolated to those two villages alone. Many other small communities in India are in need of clean and available sources of drinking water. Our goal is to install twenty-five additional wells in the coming months. Would you prayerfully consider joining us in this important endeavor as a means for meeting people’s physical needs, so that we can point them to Jesus as the true source of Living Water? Together, we can impact India for eternity.

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