Breiner Lucumí

Monthly Sponsorship

Gender:      Boy

Birthdate:   8/8/2008

Country:     Colombia

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

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Breiner lives with his single mother, two brothers, and two sisters in Colombia. He likes sports and is doing well in mathematics and Spanish. The neighborhood where the family lives is unstable with a great deal of drug addiction and alcoholism. The family’s living conditions are unstable; the current house they live in is built of wood. Breiner will benefit from support that will enable him to receive healthcare, adequate nutrition, and an education when he is at the childcare center.

Palmas del Mirador Child Development Center

The Palmas del Mirador Child and Youth Development Center is a place where children are shown the love of Christ. The center provides a safe environment so that children can learn, grow, and realize their potential. The center staff are actively investing in the children by helping them with homework, mentoring them, and leading various recreational activities. Every week Bible lessons are shared with the children so they may know Christ as Savior and grow as disciples of Christ.

Colombia is a country on the northern tip of South America and is characterized by several rainforests and the Andes Mountains. Employment opportunities are limited, and those who are able to find jobs often work in construction or housekeeping. In order to try to make ends meet, multiple families often share one home. Unfortunately, many adults and children in the area have resorted to drug use due to difficult circumstances. Additionally, most adults in the community have less than a sixth-grade education.

Meeting the Deepest NeedsGive Clean Water

Because of the severe temperatures and lack of rain, typical water sources in Andhra Pradesh are drying up. As a result, villagers are having to gather whatever dirty water is available in ponds, streams and water tanks. This, however, is causing people to get sick from water borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, jaundice, and fevers; and some cases are resulting in death.

We would like to purchase and install 25 additional bore wells this year at a cost of $1,000 each. Would you consider joining us in this effort?