Bundles of Love

A suggested gift of $20 for each Bundle.

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Suggested Donation: $20.00

A Bundle of Love is a package that tangibly expresses the love of Jesus to those who most greatly need it. The contents of each bundle vary depending on where the child lives, but they are always things that will greatly benefit them in the coming year. Each Bundle of Love may contain a pair of pants or a skirt, a sweater or shirt, a pair of shoes, a blanket, a toy if possible, or whatever else the child may need. If he or she does not already have a copy of the Scriptures, one is included as well. For most children of third world countries, uniforms are a necessity to attend school. Many sponsored children receive their uniforms through Bundles of Love. Through these gifts many children are given the opportunity to receive an education that they otherwise would not receive. AMG also distributes Bundles of Love to national workers, church planters and national staff. Each resident of AMG’s Valley of Love, a community of individuals suffering with leprosy, also receives a Bundle of Love. A Bundle of Love package contains more than shoes, pants, and blankets. A Bundle of Love is stuffed full of joy and hope. Is there any better Christmas gift that you could give?