Clean Water Projects

This month, we aim to raise $37,643 for clean water projects in six of the countries we serve: INDONESIA, THAILAND, PHILIPPINES, GUATEMALA, GHANA and KENYA.

Suggested Donation: $50.00

Suggested Donation: $50.00

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What would you do without clean running water?

Scenario 1: You wake up at the sound of your alarm going off. You may hit the snooze button once or twice but eventually roll out of bed and head to your bathroom, where you shower, brush your teeth and flush the toilet before heading to your kitchen to brew a pot of coffee and make breakfast. Gallons of water used? 24 (2 hours)

Scenario 2: The sun starts to peek in through the cracks of your grass roof. It looks like the light is dancing around on the mud walls. You sit up, roll up your mat, and walk a few steps outside into the dust. The plastic bucket your family keeps water in is dry, so you start walking to the closest well with clean water. It’s about four miles away. You carefully carry back the water you can retrieve from the well, balancing the water levels, so you don’t unnecessarily lose any drops of the precious liquid. With this bucket, you will cook, clean, and sanitize for the day. Gallons of water used? 5 (24 hours)

It’s hard to wrap your head around, isn’t it? For most of us, we have never been without running water. But the second scenario is what much of the world does every day for clean water, if they even have access. When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, He didn’t start by asking her about her sin or her faith. He asked her for water. He invited her into a conversation through the very real physical need of thirst. He then used that connection to meet her deepest need, the Living Water. We have an opportunity to holistically serve thousands of people by giving them the gift of clean water, opening up the conversation to give them the Living Water, the gospel.

One of the projects you can support this month is our well program in Ghana. Our pastors there identify core villages centrally located in areas with little to no access to water. Once a well is complete, they throw a huge party to celebrate. The village gathers to eat, watch the “Jesus” movie and hear the gospel. Afterward, people can ask questions, and our national pastors develop relationships in these communities, living out the gospel while walking hand in hand with them. Your generous gift will help us raise funds toward the goal of $37,643 to provide safe water for communities, families and children we serve while also building relationships with our international staff who can share the gospel through the door your support is opening.