COVID-19 Relief

Suggested Donation: $53.00

Suggested Donation: $53.00

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It seems that a day doesn’t go by without us hearing about the continued health and economic impact of the COVID-19 virus throughout the world. It would be easy to be fearful of the pandemic, but God calls us to trust Him at all times for His provision.

The pandemic we have been navigating has had a huge impact in first-world countries like the United States, but it is having an even greater impact in developing countries, many of which AMG International has served and ministered in for decades. A Washington Post article titled “Hunger could be more deadly than coronavirus in poorer countries,” states the obvious that as hundreds of millions of people lose their jobs, the risk of hunger grows. We have seen this reality throughout many of the countries we serve, as people trapped in the grip of poverty often live hand-to-mouth, meaning if they don’t work a day, they don’t eat that day and neither do their families.

In poorer countries people can spend up to 70 percent of their wages on food. These families typically don’t have savings to fall back on. Thus, they become reliant on organizations like AMG to help get them through really challenging situations like the one we are now facing. According to the Washington Post article, “The loss of income for people already living perilously close to the margins of survival will propel up to 50 million people into abject poverty this year.” The World Food Program estimates that up to 265 million people are at risk of starvation. As Christians we need to take quick action in demonstrating the love of Christ to people facing deep needs. Their survival depends on it.

With the help of our resource partners, AMG International has taken swift action to help poor children and families in the areas we serve. In Pakistan, for example, we have provided 200 families, who worked in brick kilns, with much-needed food and hygiene products. But there are another 250 families in a similar situation who need our help.

In the Philippines, we have been able to serve 597 families during this difficult season by providing rice, pork and fruit. One of our national leaders in the country writes, “We are grateful to God that He used AMG as a means of grace in expressing His faithfulness, lovingkindness, and abundant love.”

In India, where half the workforce lost their jobs after the country imposed strict lockdown measures, we have identified 5300 families connected to our child and youth development centers who are facing severe financial issues. Here, too, we are providing food and hygiene packs to the poor. One week of food items for a family of four is just $20, and one month’s worth of hygiene products is $10. Would you partner with AMG to help cover these costs?

In Indonesia, our nationals have identified 93 families in need of assistance. For $43 a week we can provide a family of four with rice, sugar, oil, butter, chicken, eggs, salt and vegetables. And for $16.75 we can provide each family with a week’s worth of bath soap, hand sanitizer, detergent and disinfectant. It doesn’t take much to make a huge impact in the life of a family in need. Can we count on you to help us meet the pressing needs of the poor during this pandemic?

In Lima, where over 67,000 people have contracted COVID-19, we have been distributing food supplies to the needy. One of our center directors writes, “We want to express our thankfulness to AMG for the great work you are doing to support the most vulnerable families at this time of great need. I want to express our thankfulness on behalf of each family who have benefited from our food distribution. We ask you to pray for the families served that they will recognize God as having total control and that they can trust in Him always.” Please join us today in carrying out this critical initiative. Lives depend on it.