Elijah Katongole

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 7 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Uganda
Center: Upendo

 every month

Elijah is a sweet and playful little boy attending the Upendo Christian Academy in Uganda. He lives with his parents and his one brother and one sister. His parents are strong Christians and have instilled those values in their child. His parents are hard workers but are still unable to provide for their son. His father works in a small business to provide for the family while his mother takes care of the children. Elijah has big goals and wants to become a doctor when he grows up. Elijah likes to play group games and soccer in his free time. By sponsoring Elijah, he will get free nutritious meals and medicine at the center. He will also receive an education and Biblical teaching. Thank you for making an impact in this family’s life.

Upendo Christian Academy

The Upendo Christian Academy is an orphanage where children live and grow as disciple of Christ. The center staff mentor children in various ways, including help with homework, career guidance and discipleship. Children are served wholesome meals each week to help them grow physically. Special gifts are given to the children throughout the year and during Christmas time. Medical care is available children struggling with health issues. The center staff focuses primarily on the spiritual growth of the children through biblical teaching and times of prayer.

Uganda is a landlocked country in Africa. The majority of the population is Christian and there are a large number of Muslims. Witchcraft and animism are still believed and practiced in certain areas as well. Poverty is rampant throughout the country as well as a lack of education. Sickness and disease are prevalent and many lack the means to receive medical treatment. Often children suffer from malnutrition. Many struggle with drug use and alcoholism. It’s common for families to be torn apart due to divorce and separation.

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