Gerson Gerardo Tichoc Sirin

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Gerson is a smart and active boy in Guatemala who lives with his parents and his three siblings. His parents are both teachers who have to take multiple buses to get to their jobs. With the cost of bus fees and their oldest son’s education, they are not able to afford basics such as nutritious food and medical care for the family. Because of the lack of food, Gerson has become malnourished. At the Filadelfia Child and Youth Development Center, Gerson is able to receive supplements and nutrient-rich food as well as clothing, medical care, and an education. Most importantly, Gerson is taught from the Bible daily and learns about the life-changing power of Jesus, which he can share with his family. Thank you for coming alongside Gerson in his time of need and for investing in his future!