Helandie Bernabe

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 9 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: Haiti
Center: Baptist Evangelical School

 every month

Helandie is a little girl in Haiti. She has one older sister, May Love, and one older brother, Ensly. Helandie’s father passed away when she was an infant. Helandie lives with her mother and siblings in a small home made of wood. Helandie’s mother is unemployed; sometimes the family goes days without food. Your sponsorship will offer life and hope to Helandie through nutritious meals, educational assistance, medical attention, and teaching from God’s Word. Thank you.

Baptist Evangelical School of Grande Bassin

The Baptist Evangelical School of Grand Bassin shines the light of Christ in a spiritually dark environment. The center is part of a local church where many of its teachers are members of the church. The center meets one of the biggest needs in Haiti by covering the costs of education, including school supplies, fees, uniforms and shoes. Medical care is also available to children in need. Staff teach the Bible, encourage the children to attend church, and give opportunities for them to accept Christ.

Haiti is a mountainous nation in the Caribbean that shares a border with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is prone to droughts, floods, and hurricanes. The majority religion is Christianity, and over half of the population professes to be Catholic. Voodoo is also practiced by some as well. Unemployment is rampant throughout Haiti with little access to quality jobs. Families also struggle with alcoholism, malnutrition, and insufficient medical care. Because of the extreme poverty, parents struggle to pay for their children’s school fees and usually are not educated themselves.

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