Jaqueline Tatiana Marroquín García

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Jaqueline is a smart and active young girl in Guatemala. She lives with her parents and two brothers in a village in the mountains surrounded by coffee plantations. Jaqueline’s father works as a farmer, and her mother works as a housemaid and a homemaker. Unfortunately, their incomes are low, and they are unable to meet all of Jaqueline’s needs, including that of nutritious food. Jaqueline’s family eats three meals a day, but they often only consist of two eggs and some beans for the family of six. Jaqueline is suffering from malnutrition and is excited for the chance to attend AMG’s Oratorio Child and Youth Development Center because she heard other girls in the community talking about the healthy meals they receive! Jaqueline enjoys art, and her favorite sport is soccer. She dreams of graduating from college one day. You can help make that dream a reality! Jaqueline’s sponsor will help her receive medical care, an education, nutritious food, and clothing. Thank you for investing in this young girl’s life!

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