Kennedy Lukwago Waswa

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 4 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Uganda

 / every month

Kennedy is the youngest of three boys living with his mother in Uganda. After Kennedy’s mom discovered her husband was having an affair, he kicked her out of the house along with her three children. Now she works diligently as a businesswoman to provide for basis needs of her family, but struggles to give Kennedy and his brothers the things that they need to thrive. A sponsorship for Kennedy would provide him with nutritious food, education, and the teaching of the Word of God. Would you consider being a part in changing the lives of Kennedy and his family? You have the opportunity to change the course of this boy’s life. Thank you for your consideration.

Masajja Childcare Center

The Masajja Child Development Center is impacting children for Christ. The center partners with a local church where children are encouraged to learn in Sunday School and participate in the youth choir. Staff provide life skills training, nutritious meals, and help with homework. At the center, children also receive medical treatment when needed. Home visits take place so staff can minister to the children’s families. Children are immersed in biblical teaching and discipleship from the center staff as well.

Uganda is a landlocked country in Africa. The majority of the population is Christian and there are a large number of Muslims. Witchcraft and animism are still believed and practiced in certain areas as well. Poverty is rampant throughout the country as well as a lack of education. Sickness and disease are prevalent and many lack the means to receive medical treatment. Often children suffer from malnutrition. Many struggle with drug use and alcoholism. It’s common for families to be torn apart due to divorce and separation.