Maria del Carmen Belloso Ramos

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 13 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: Guatemala
Center: Getsemani

 every month

Maria is a kind young girl living in Guatemala. She resides with her parents who have lived together for 15 years but are not married. Her father is an alcoholic and is not around during the weekends. His addiction has impacted the family both emotionally and economically. Maria’s father works as a salesperson, but he uses his income to buy liquor and has little money remaining to supply for the needs of his family. Maria and her family attend church, and she works hard in school. Her mother wants Maria to continue her studies so she will be able to have a bright future. Maria dreams of being a veterinarian. Maria needs a sponsor so she can attend the local AMG child and youth development center. Here, she will be educated, discipled, and have her basic needs met. Most importantly she will get to learn about her heavenly Father who is reliable and loving. Thank you for making an eternal impact in this little girl’s life.

Getsemani Child Development Center

The Getsemani Child Development Center is a place where children experience the love of Christ. The local church provides the center with materials, furniture and the equipment needed to function efficiently. At the center, children receive a quality education and nutritious meals. Children also regularly participate in songs of worship and biblical readings. Finally, staff teach biblical truths and disciple children in their walks with Christ.

Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America. The majority religion is Christianity and is primarily Roman Catholic. Families in Guatemala suffer from many difficult circumstances such as drug use, alcoholism, physical violence, broken homes, and malnourishment. Often children are forced to begin working at an early age. Many families are extremely poor, live in small dilapidated homes and don’t make enough to provide for their physical needs.

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