Serves with AMG International in a High Risk Area

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The day after he debated with a Christian missionary over his atheistic beliefs, MC called the missionary and said: “I have read over 2,000 books and never believed in miracles. I left Islam when I was 13 years old and became an atheist. But when you prayed last night, something happened. Jesus came to me in a dream. I would like to accept Him. I would like to become a Christian.”

Since that day in 2017, MC has been studying and sharing the Gospel with friends and family. Since his conversion, MC’s aunt and sister have chosen to follow Jesus, but many of his immediate family members are not Christians. MC continues to suffer for the sake of the Gospel in his relationships with friends and family, but he feels blessed and encouraged to serve the Lord in a country not favorable to the Gospel.

MC works diligently in the areas of  church planting, discipleship, and Bible correspondence among Islamic people. He has a deep desire to share the Gospel with students and see them grow in their faith as he continues to faithfully follow as God leads.

Some of AMG’s National Leaders live and minister in areas where Christians are at risk. In order to not jeopardize their safety and security, the identities have been obscured.