Media Evangelism

It takes $24,000 annually to place ads in newspapers throughout India; provide respondents with Bibles and Bible correspondence courses; and staff follow-up communication efforts designed to connect people to local churches.

Suggested Donation: $50.00

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Who could have imagined that an AMG International Gospel ad placed in a newspaper in India, and used as store wrapping, would help lead a woman to Christ? All things are possible with God. A young day laborer living near Tuni, India, went into a local store to make a purchase and left with her provisions wrapped in newspaper, tied with twine. This woman, who was unable to read, returned home, unwrapped her package and noticed the symbol of a cross in an ad – an AMG ad. Intrigued, she eagerly walked next door and asked her neighbor to read and explain the advertisement to her. She did, and the young woman grew curious about Christ and desired to learn more about the Christian faith. Her neighbor kindly wrote to the address listed in the ad, and the young woman was contacted by an AMG International staff member, a national worker in India, who told her about Jesus. He soon put her in touch with a local pastor he knew. The young lady later accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior, and was baptized into the faith. And, to think it all started with a Bible ad in a rural newspaper.

Raje, a young medical salesman from Vijayawada, India, found himself passing through town on a bus when he picked up the local newspaper and ran across an AMG Gospel advertisement. With God’s prompting he, too, responded by reaching out to AMG India. He was soon contacted by one of our national workers, and was connected with a local church pastor who shared the teachings of Jesus with him. The young man was curious about God and was interested in knowing more about Him. After exploring the faith, he also became a believer. Raje is now serving as a Christian evangelist in his home village, encouraging others to explore a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Isn’t it amazing to see how God uses various means of ministry to reach the lost? Please know that you play such an important role in making evangelism opportunities like these possible around the world though your generous partnership with AMG.

Media evangelism has been one of our key ministry channels since AMG International’s founding 76 years ago, and remains an important means of spreading the Gospel today. Newspaper and magazine ads, printed Gospel tracks, radio and the Internet all provide an avenue for us to reach the lost with the saving message of Jesus. We are ever humbled by how God uses us to touch, encourage, challenge, evangelize and inspire people throughout the world through the use of media evangelism tools. In India alone, our media advertisements regularly reach a circulation of over 90,000 readers.

When people respond to AMG after hearing one of our many radio programs, or seeing an advertisement or story in print or online they are soon contacted by one of our well-trained national workers. We begin a relationship and respond by sending out a Bible or a Bible correspondence course, depending on what is requested. Our nationals also provide a response to any questions posed pertaining to the Christian faith. The many national leaders with whom we partner eagerly reach out to seekers, and clearly present and explain the Gospel message to those interested in learning about the faith. And, we are able to offer materials at no charge because of the gracious generosity of our supporters.

Our media evangelism efforts cut through religious tradition and focus on sharing Jesus, the hope of salvation. Together, we are guiding people to the truth of Scripture, while providing resources to help them explore a relationship with the living God.

People around the world are curious about Jesus, and desire to learn more about the Bible, even in a country that is predominantly Hindu. Would you help us reach more people interested in knowing God and exploring Christianity by investing generously in our worldwide media evangelism efforts? With growing demand, additional resources are needed to provide effective follow-up materials and resources to people responding to our advertisements. Thank you for your faithful partnership. Together, we will continue to reach the lost and impact eternity.