Nabila Yuli Ana

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 13 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: Indonesia
Center: Sragen

 every month

Nabila is a sweet young girl in the Philippines who loves riding her bicycle! Her favorite subject is English. Her father works hard to provide for his family but cannot afford to provide for Nabila and her two brothers. Nabila’s greatest need is financial support so she can continue her schooling. By partnering with AMG, you help provide Nabila with nutritious food and Biblical training in addition to an education. Thank you for investing in Nabila and offering her hope and a brighter future!

Sragen Child Development Center

The Sragen Child Development Center helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of children in the local community. The staff cook meals and provide educational assistance to these children. The children are involved with Sunday School and many are learning how to play music and how to sing. The staff also try to instill life skills so that children can be productive citizens. Lastly, the children are taught from the Bible at least twice a week.

Indonesia is a predominately Muslim country in Southeast Asia. Many work as farmers, but due to the uncertain climate it’s difficult for them to maintain their crops. Other common occupations include construction workers, freelancers, and house cleaners. Many of the families are poor and do not have the funds to pay for medical treatment. Multiple families have to live together in the same house a lot of the time. Many parents lack a formal education and get married young. Domestic violence is also prominent and husbands are prone to leave their families.

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