New Mother Kits

$240 provides one month of new mothers kits, including necessary supplies for babies and their mothers. (This covers 30 kits, each kit costs $8 each)

Suggested Donation: $20.00

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The African nation of Uganda has a population of over 35 million people. Medical and health services are inadequate to nonexistent in a land that is plagued by disease epidemics; including approximately 1.2 million people stricken with the HIV virus. Since 1996, AMG ministries have been proclaiming the love of Christ in Uganda. The outreach there started as a childcare ministry for 11 boys and girls devastated by AIDS/HIV. Under the leadership of National Director Dr. Reuben Musiime, AMG now ministers to the destitute children of Uganda through five childcare centers and Upendo Christian Academy, an orphanage for AIDS-orphaned children. Other outreach efforts of AMG Uganda include the Dorcas ministry to teenage girls, a prison ministry, radio broadcasts, a seminary, pastoral training, medical centers, and much more. The Lord has blessed AMG with many opportunities to turn tragedy into triumph in Uganda. But this is only possible with the prayers and support of compassionate and caring people like you. Special project opportunity: 1.Office Equipment – There are many supplies needed and used to carry out daily work in any AMG Ministry. Please click the Special Projects tab above to see how you can make a difference by helping provide the needed supplies and equipment to assist the Uganda Head Office in carrying out their mission. NOTE: Partial gifts toward any projects are greatly appreciated.