Paipakorn Thatep

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 6 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Thailand

 / every month

Paipakorn is a little boy in Thailand who dreams of becoming a soldier when he grows up. He has one older brother and lives with his family in a rural area of northern Thailand. Paipakorn’s parents are farmers. They grow rice and corn on land rented from the government. Paipakorn is a joyful and active child.  Because Paipakorn is residing in an AMG Hostel, two sponsorships are needed to cover additional requirements relating to room and board.

New Hope Child Development Center

The New Hope Child Development Center helps children develop in a holistic manner. Practical trainings on cooking, home gardening and animal-raising are taught to hostel students.  The program also conducts seminars and conferences for parents to increase their knowledge, develop their parental skills, strengthen spouse relationships, and increase awareness of sickness and disease prevention. Most importantly, the children are taught Scripture on a weekly basis, and also learn about God through Bible camps that are conducted each year.

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and many people also believe in the spiritual realm. Children from poor families go to state-run schools where teaching is sub-standard. Their parents normally have little education and cannot be relied upon to help them.  School children seldom reach the ninth grade and most end up working in family farms. Since the people have very low or no education, they lack basic knowledge of life skills like personal hygiene, household management, family planning and balancing budgets.