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“I was 22 years old when I opened the pages of the Bible for the very first time. At 23, I visited an Evangelical church at the invitation of a colleague. During a Sunday service, both my wife and I were touched by the Word of God. After the service, we stayed and prayed for the forgiveness of our sins with believers in the church. Around 10 years later, I was secretly ordained as a pastor. For 20 years, we organized tent camps each summer with the aim of studying the Bible. This was done illegally in those days.”

VV goes on to say, “During the days of communism, believers were under attack through family displacement, imprisonment, surveillance by the police, and psychological pressure. Today, we live in a Democracy. I continue travelling, for the purpose of preaching the Gospel and planting churches. I am a member of a team of five leaders from different denominations who train new youth leaders, for which I give praise to God! Unfortunately, political changes in the region have resulted in other serious problems like materialism. During Communist rule, the main threat came from outside, causing persecuted people to search for unity among themselves. As a result, the Church was in a better spiritual state (1 Corinthians 10:13).”

VV continues, “Today the challenge to the Church comes from within, namely succumbing to Satan’s temptations. My vision is to see the Church revived. This revival must be led by the leaders themselves. Next, fasting and prayer is needed for the whole Body of Christ. So too, I want to see us be unified in the Spirit. And finally, I long for the mobilization of every Christian to active ministry.”

Please pray for pastor VV, disciple maker and evangelist, as he continues to faithfully preach and teach the truth of Scripture. Would you also consider coming alongside him in this important work by offering some financial assistance? Every gift matters. Through our combined efforts, even more people in this community will hear the Good News! Thank you for your partnership.

Some of AMG’s National Leaders live and minister in areas where Christians are at risk. In order to not jeopardize their safety and security, the identities have been obscured.

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