Richard and Krista Hetzel

Serves with AMG International in Peru

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Richard and Krista Hetzel serve with AMG International in Peru. The Hetzels have two children, Natalie and Nathan. They are working in Pucallpa, Peru, a city that resides in the Amazon jungle region. They represent AMG as they partner with an organization called FAIENAP. FAIENAP is a “Brotherhood of Associations of Evangelical Native Churches of the Peruvian Amazon.” Richard’s primary responsibility is traveling to tribal communities to disciple the leaders in each community. While not in the communities, they work on the base of FAIENAP as well as participate on other ministries in Pucallpa.  FAIENAP hosts many camps throughout the year, so they will help with maintenance on the base as well as help in the planning and organization of the different camps. The video below will give you an overview of the ministry they do.

As you pray, please pray for the Hetzels as they are involved in these ministries in Pucallpa and the Peruvian Amazon:

  • Richard travels to tribal villages to train tribal pastors and potential church leaders
  • Richard preaches once a month in their local church in Pucallpa to about 250 people
  • Richard teaches middle school and high school Bible and technology in the local MK school (SAM Academy) at different times throughout the year
  • Richard leads the Bible study for a MK youth group that meets every two weeks
  • Richard teaches tribal people on the FAIENAP base where we live at different times throughout the year
  • Krista teaches a middle school class at SAM Academy
  • Krista leads a high school girls Bible study at SAM Academy
  • Krista teaches MK kids Bible lessons during the adult prayer time each Wednesday night
  • Krista is the main person that gets our house ready as we use it for many different meetings and ministries
  • Natalie is part of the praise band at our local church in Pucallpa Natalie leads the praise band for the MK youth group
  • Natalie and Nathan both help with the kids group on Wednesday nights
  • Natalie and Nathan are involved in several local mission activities with SAM Academy

The video below is a great example of tribal ministry. This is an update from a conference to the Achuar people group.

“what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”  2 Tim. 2:2

Peru is a culturally diverse country in South America. The majority of the population profess to be Christian, with the majority being Roman Catholic. Terrorism and social violence can be common in certain areas. Generally speaking, there is a lack of stable jobs and it is often difficult to find consistent work. Many fathers abandon their families, leaving them in challenging circumstances. Alcoholism, drug use, and gang violence are also prevalent in many communities.