Samuel Robles

Serves with AMG International in Philippines

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Samuel is an AMG national leader faithfully serving the Lord in the Philippines. He was called by God to plant churches in the Northern Samar. Samuel is passionate about creating an environment in his community that will foster growth in Christ. Thank you for supporting this national leader’s ministry. With your help, Samuel will be able to reach more people in search for the truth.

The Philippines is a country that consists of over 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia. It has many active volcanoes and its location and torrential rainfall means that several areas are prone to flooding, typhoons and cyclones. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic, but some people are superstitious and still practice animism. Poverty, alcoholism and widespread drug use plagues their communities. This has led to broken families and abandoned children. There are few consistent job opportunities as well, making it difficult for parents to provide for their families.