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Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods often strike without warning—and the needs that follow are immense. AMG International’s disaster relief ministry stands ready to provide desperately needed assistance in these situations. In many parts of the world, we already have ministry contacts in place with access to those who need help. By giving to the Disaster Relief Fund, you are enabling us to provide life-saving and time-sensitive assistance such as food, water, medicine, shelter and other necessities immediately following natural disasters.

AMG International often engages in the second stage of relief efforts so we can offer more of a long-term community solution. After hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis wreak their havoc, we rebuild houses and relocate people. We work toward long-term engagement with the affected community and strive to see the local church grow in the process. We partner with local leaders, offer trauma counseling and provide needed financial resources. Community members provide the labor and we purchase materials in close proximity to the disaster areas, which aids the local economy.

In the Philippines, for example, we assisted in rebuilding homes street after street after a natural disaster, and we saw God move in the community. New churches were planted, and self-sustaining businesses were created – both of which helped the village rebound from the tragedy. AMG International has done the same thing in Guatemala, India and Indonesia.

AMG International has also stepped in to offer much-needed assistance following man-made disasters, such as the war in the Middle East that resulted in massive waves of Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi refugees entering Greece. We have been helping and continue to actively help those who have been displaced while expressing the love of Christ in a difficult situation – and we are seeing much fruit from those efforts.