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As a Gospel-driven ministry, AMG International uses words and deeds to share the Good News of Christ, as well as media to reach a more widespread audience. Our ministry is built on Christ’s call to preach the Gospel “in all the world for a witness unto all nations” (Matt. 24:14), and to do this, we work through media evangelism, which is particularly effective in countries closed to overt missionary activity.

Over the years, our media ministry has shown the greatest return on investment in terms of reach and costs. For instance, our radio station in Cyprus has 20,000 daily listeners with a potential audience of 800,000 people. In Indonesia alone, 3,000 people participate in our Bible correspondence courses each month. And, in Cyprus, people responding to our radio broadcasts get a New Testament and a copy of the Jesus Film, in addition to receiving a personal contact from the station. This allows seekers to get acquainted with biblical truths in a safe environment where they can explore the Christian faith. Our goal is to connect these people to local pastors and communities of believers that will help them on their spiritual journey. Our Christian living broadcasts are also an encouragement to fellow believers that long for spiritual nourishment.