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Jesus commanded His followers to do two things — make disciples and heal the sick. AMG International does both through its medical care ministry as we strive to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those we serve. In many countries, unmet healthcare needs and malnutrition lead to chronic illness, low life expectancy and despair. People are often too overwhelmed by their physical circumstances to even begin to be receptive to addressing their spiritual needs. That is why AMG International places high importance on caring for people’s physical needs. We’ve discovered that showing the love of Christ through medical care quickly breaks down walls and open hearts. At AMG International healthcare facilities every medical need is addressed, regardless of the patient’s insurance status or ability to pay.

Hospitals, clinics and medical care have been a part of AMG International’s ministries for decades, as a bridge to addressing the deeper spiritual needs of the people we serve. We have the state-of-the-art, full-service St. Luke’s Hospital in Greece, which provides quality healthcare to more than 70,000 people annually. We also have a hospital and clinic in Guatemala and clinics in Haiti, Uganda, India and Romania, and a nursing school in Uganda. We see healthcare needs and take action in order to inspire hope, restore lives and transform communities. Our clinics, which are known for being Christian, oftentimes offer healthcare services at no cost — charging only for medicines and tests.

At each facility, the Gospel is woven into each person’s experience as Christian doctors and nurses pray with and for their patients before treating them. The Good News is highlighted in literature in the patient rooms and lobbies, in posters on the walls, and through daily devotionals on the public address system. In addition, AMG International leads multiple medical mission trips from the United States to Uganda, Guatemala and Haiti, where doctors perform surgeries and train field medical staff.