Guatemala Disaster Relief – Tava Project

It will take $48,350 to erect and operate a community center and vocational school in Guatemala for three years.

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On June 3, 2018 the Fuego volcano erupted, spewing a mix of lava, ash, rock and volcanic gases over 16,000 feet in the air, in six communities and surrounding villages in Guatemala. As a result, nearly 170 people died, and over 3,000 people lost their homes and were placed in refuge centers in nearby Escuintla. Since then, the government has built temporary housing for the displaced families. The complex houses 320 families for up to two years when permanent housing is made available.

The government has found that the biggest need among the displaced families is a program for older youth that will keep them busy and inspire greater purpose in lives. Most of the non-profit organizations providing relief efforts are focused mainly on helping children.

As part of a self-sustainability program, AMG Guatemala will facilitate the learning of job skills that will empower the youth as they look for ways to assist their families economically. Also, the community leaders appointed by the government to represent the refugee families have shared their desire to have a central church meeting place to continue their relief services. Thus, AMG will create a multi-purpose tent along with a youth center to assist individuals and families in need as inspire hope, restore lives and transform the community in Jesus’ name. AMG Guatemala has a three-year action plan that will be led by missionaries Gary and Rachel DeLeon.

The community transformation plan focuses on spiritual development, social and recreational needs, and career empowerment. AMG will pick up where the government left off by establishing a feeding center where young people ages 15 to 25 will receive a meal three times a week. This will help families get back on their feet as they look to become more self-sustaining. The multi-use tent we will construct will also serve as a community center where families can gather for social events. The ten will also serve as a central meeting place for evangelical churches that lost their facilities due to the volcanic eruption. AMG will also install a soccer field and establish a soccer academy for displaced children in the community.

With the help of financial supporters, AMG plans to put up a vocational school adjacent to the multi-purpose tent that will help young people learn much-needed job skills through a comprehensive online program offered two days a week. The newly gained skills will prepare students for careers that will help their community and families break out of their impoverished circumstances. Tutoring classes will also be made available to assist young people with their studies. English classes will also be taught and students will have an opportunity to be mentored in their faith. This vocational school/youth center will be constructed using adapted shipping containers, and will house computers and desks.

In order to accomplish this significant undertaking, we will need to raise $48,350 from faithful donors who have a passion for helping people in need.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with AMG International in this important endeavor? Together, we can help lift young people and families back to their feet while helping with the community relief efforts. Please join us! Together, we can restore the lives of people in need and transform this community in Jesus’ name.

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