Twaha Bukenya

Suggested Donation: $20.00

This young little boy lives in Uganda with his Aunt. He is unable to attend school at this time because his parents cannot pay his school fees. His father is ill and unable to work; his mother is limited in her abilities to earn enough money to support her two children. Twaha enjoys playing soccer with his friends. He dreams of one day becoming a pilot. With support he will attend the child development center where he will receive the opportunity for educational assistance and support, basic medical care, and attend Bible studies.

Uganda is a landlocked country in Africa. The majority of the population is Christian and there are a large number of Muslims. Witchcraft and animism are still believed and practiced in certain areas as well. Poverty is rampant throughout the country as well as a lack of education. Sickness and disease are prevalent and many lack the means to receive medical treatment. Often children suffer from malnutrition. Many struggle with drug use and alcoholism. It’s common for families to be torn apart due to divorce and separation.