Support Typhoon Kammuri and Ursula Relief

AMG’s goal is to raise $40,000 to help provide basic necessities for those in need.

Suggested Donation: $50.00

UPDATE: Typhoon Ursula tore through Eastern Samar in the Philippines on Christmas Day. It claimed the lives of 47 people and caused the evacuation of nearly 26,000 families.

Thankfully, many of our national leaders and children were able to stay in evacuation centers, however some of our micro-enterprise buildings for poultry were damaged during the storm. We are still waiting to hear an update on damage from other AMG centers in the area.

Typhoon Kammuri ripped through the mainland of the Philippines and several of its islands last month, devastating many projects and communities served by AMG. It claimed the lives of 17 people and caused the evacuation of nearly 60,000 residents. The typhoon brought with it 150 mile an hour winds and pouring rains that caused severe flooding and massive mudslides in the region, leading to many unpassable roads and closed bridges.  A total of 1,922,106 people have been affected by the typhoon throughout 4,176 barangays (villages) in the Philippines.

In addition, the typhoon cut electricity in several communities as many power poles and trees were downed by strong winds and storm surges. As a result, people are without power and are in great need of food, water, and shelter.

AMG International has a strong presence in Northern Samar — a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. In total, 465,877 people have been affected by the typhoon in Northern Samar, and nearly 17,000 people are residing in temporary evacuation shelters. In this region alone, 8,140 homes have been completely destroyed and another 78,487 have sustained partial damage, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council in the Philippines.

Our national leaders in the Philippines serve and minister to people in need primarily throughout seven counties in Northern Samar. According to data provided by our field partners, there are 1,802 homes throughout the seven counties where we work. Of those, 294 were completely destroyed and another 1,130 homes suffered partial damage, which has affected 79 percent of residents.

Together, we can help people in Northern Samar recover from the recent typhoon.

One of our facilities, the AMG Samar Hostel in San Isidro – a residential dorm serving many middle and high school students from rural islands in the Philippines – has sustained considerable damage.

As a result of the typhoon, it suffered heavy damage to its roof, kitchen, library and two cottages. In addition, chairs, musical instruments and equipment were washed away by the heavy flooding.

AMG International is currently working with our national leaders on the ground to help provide much-needed aide to residents, and with your help we will continue doing so over the coming months as rural communities in the Philippines continue to recover from this disaster.

Our goal is to raise $40,000 to help provide clean water, shelter and medical supplies to families, and to begin the process of rebuilding our damaged projects. 

AMG’s purpose is to help meet the deepest needs — spiritual and physical — of the people and communities we are serving. Our goal is to inspire hope, restore lives and transform communities in Jesus’ name. Will you partner with us in this urgent endeavor? The people of Northern Samar need you. Together, we can make a significant and long-lasting impact in people’s lives, and in their communities, while serving as the hands and feet of God. Please make a gift, no matter the size, to AMG’s Disaster Relief Fund today.

Your generous gift today will be put to work immediately as we help people in the Philippines recover from the devastation brought about by the recent typhoon, while pointing them to Jesus — the source of our eternal hope.


The Philippines is a country that consists of over 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia. It has many active volcanoes and its location and torrential rainfall means that several areas are prone to flooding, typhoons and cyclones. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic, but some people are superstitious and still practice animism. Poverty, alcoholism and widespread drug use plagues their communities. This has led to broken families and abandoned children. There are few consistent job opportunities as well, making it difficult for parents to provide for their families.

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