Serves with AMG International in a High Risk Area

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Some of AMG’s national leaders live and minister in areas where Christians are at risk. To prevent jeopardizing their safety and security, their identities have been obscured.

V.K. was raised as a minister’s son within a small fishing community. As a youth V.K. made many mistakes and was expelled from school. He began working at his father’s church but felt like he was living a lie. He had an arranged marriage to a Christian woman per custom. During this period, he heard a sermon on Eccl 11:9 and God changed his life forever. After several years of truly pursuing God, V.K.’s father passed away, and he took over the ministry. V.K.’s wife conducts women’s fellowship meetings in the church. Together, they visit the homes of idol-worshipping people to share the gospel. People are responding and V.K. has planted a second church in a nearby village. Thank you for thoughtfully considering supporting this faithful couple in their ministry efforts.