The Philippines, which is made up of 7,641 islands, typically gets struck by 20 typhoons each year. And with each of these natural disasters comes opportunities for believers to care for those impacted who find them- selves in great need.

Through the faithful and generous support of our donors, AMG International is able to respond to disasters in the areas we serve – areas where we already have a presence in the community. We work through national leaders who are connected to the areas they serve, who have a goal of transforming and empowering communities in need. Many churches have been planted in the Philippines over the years following natural disasters.

We are able to demonstrate the Love of Christ to people trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. As a result, many become more open to hearing the Good News. They take steps in their faith journey and learn to trust the Lord more fully. We have found that growth often starts with a personal life change that can lead to stronger families and transformed communities.

We often provide families with food and shelter kits to help repair their damaged homes. At times we will even help build new homes following natural disasters. According to our national director in the Philippines, Hector Araña, “When AMG Philippines provides assistance to families, they are told that their Christian brothers and sisters are aware of their struggle and are willing to share their compassion and love.” That alone gives them hope where before there was none.

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