I was the spoiled and favorite child in my family. I felt special because I was the only brown child in the family.

I grew up loving people and trusting them as well as having fun with them.

I did not like school, only history and geography.

I was successful, happy and carefree.

Suddenly, my parents died, and that moment was when my life started to change. From that moment onwards, my life became a nightmare. I was 14 years old when they died. I had never imagined that I could be separated from them.

After my parents’ death, the government took everything. I decided to go to Saudi Arabia to find work. Once I got there I was abused physically and psychologically for four years. During that time, I even contemplated suicide as a way to escape the horrible situation I was in.

While I was in Saudi Arabia, the husband of the woman I was working for raped me and soon after I realized I was pregnant. She tried to hide it and asked me not to let anyone know, and the she told me she would be sending me away.

She went with me to another country, Lebanon. I was constantly locked in a room in the hotel where we were staying. Then one day I decided to jump out of the window to escape.

As I was fleeing, I met some girls from my home country. I wanted to stay with them, but they rejected me in the beginning, however, when I shared my story with them, they soon accepted me. They also gave me medicine that caused me to abort the baby I was carrying.

I went with those girls to Turkey. We stayed three months in border areas due to the war that was going on in the neighboring countries. During our journey to Turkey, I saw terrible things, including dead bodies.

My heart hardened. I didn’t think anything could get worse.

While staying in the border camps, ISIS captured us. We became victims of physical and psychological abuse. However, we managed to escape and we finally arrived in Turkey. Things did not get any easier there as we became victims of smugglers. They gave us drugs without us knowing it. My friends and I were drugged and raped by the smugglers. After a while I realized I was pregnant again, and I thought about committing suicide. I was then smuggled to Greece where I stayed in Moria, a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. While there, I tried to abort my baby several times. However, the baby survived every attempted abortion.

I was later moved to a hospital on the island because of my poor physical condition. While in the hospital, someone offered to help me and she encouraged me to carry my baby to term, which I decided to do. My little girl is now nearly a year old. To be honest, being her mother has had its challenges.  But I realize she is a blessing and is not responsible for what happened to me. My daughter’s name means ‘rain of blessings.’

While in the camp, I met people who offered to help, and they put me in touch with Community House Damaris. As a result of the love and care I received, my heart began to soften, and I came to the realization that while bad people do exist, good people exist too.

Little by little my heart began to change. I accepted my reality and forgave everyone who hurt me. I have begun to love being alive again, and I have decided to keep living for myself and my daughter.

I now live my life with courage. I believe I can find a solution to anything difficult that comes my way since I survived very hard moments in my life. All the horrible things that happened to me are now just a bad memory.  Those awful experiences no longer stop me from loving life or myself. I look forward to the future. I am strong. I overcame anger and guilt. I do not judge anyone. I accept that we are different. I am thankful for my life.

While we wish this story ended with this young woman accepting Christ, she is still seeking truth. Please pray for the women we serve and minister to at Community House Damaris that that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is a mission field for us, as the women come to Damaris broken and hurting. Like all of us, they need to experience God’s love and forgiveness. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

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