Back in October, AMG International made a pressing need known to donors and they responded. The Bethesda Child and Youth Development Center in Grand-Bassin, Haiti had been impacted by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Before: Holes in the roofing material can clearly be seen, as well as gaps in the eaves and along the sides.

As a result of the Category 4 hurricane, the center was in need of financial resources to repair damaged outer walls and replace roofing on two of the main campus buildings.   

We are happy to report that the needed repairs at the center have been completed. Thank you so much for your participation. Because of the generosity of faithful donors, hundreds of children in need, along with staff and teachers at the Bethesda Center have been blessed by the much-needed facility repairs. They now feel safer in the classrooms and are benefiting from the enhancements at the center that were made possible by AMG donors.

The roof was repaired and reinforced inside and out, which benefits our students and teachers.

Rodne Romeus, AMG’s national director in Haiti, says, “We are grateful for the donors who permitted this work to be completed on behalf of all the children and teachers at the center.”