Overcoming Buddhist Influence

So how do you reach Thailand – a country that is roughly 95 percent Buddhist – with the message of Jesus Christ? Newspaper evangelism has been an effective tool which we have used for many years. We simply place a Gospel ad in the newspaper inviting people to write in to learn more about Jesus. Over the years, thousands have responded, and many have received Christ as their savior.

But times change. As our missionary Chowkee explains, “newspaper is not as active in Thailand, as many people are more interested in social media platforms.” So what do we do? AMG Thailand has established a presence on Facebook and YouTube to carry the Gospel message into homes that may not receive a newspaper – or where the name of Christ might not be known. We continue to use the “Gospel ad” format, but we also include short stories of lives changed. While this is a fairly new initiative – it’s only been in operation since 2016, it is already proving to be effective, with “many people becoming regular readers and listeners.”

But as with any ministry effort, it is proving challenging. As more and more people respond, the human resources AMG Thailand has available for followup – to answer questions, enroll respondents in Bible correspondence courses, answer phones, and disciple new believers – are becoming overwhelmed.

That’s where you can become a vital part of this ministry. Not only with your financial support, which will help to provide materials and new staff, but with your prayers as well. Please pray for our coworkers who are on the frontlines meeting the deep spiritual needs in Thailand. Pray for new believers who may suffer greatly for their faith. Pray also for the hearts and minds of those who see our Facebook and YouTube messages to be open to the Holy Spirit. Together, we can deeply impact Thailand for Christ.