Juana Trujillo Herrera is a 48-year-old mother of four children, two of which attend the Dr. Spiros Zodhiates Childcare Center of AMG International, located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho. It has been more than a year since this natural disaster hit, and the area looks in some ways like it did right after the flooding, which serves as a constant reminder of the difficulties experienced by the local residents like Juana.

She thanks God that her house wasn’t seriously affected by the heavy rains. Juana and her children worked hard to remove the water from their modest plywood house. In this particular area of Peru, most of the houses are located in the hills, and are built with corrugated iron sheet roofs that offer little protection from rain. Juana recalls that “all the area roads looked really muddy and it was very difficult to safely walk the streets.” She remembers that in the days following the storm it was a challenge to get water since buckets were really expensive and hard to come by. In addition, grocery prices increased tremendously as it was hard to get food into the disaster-hit towns and cities.

Juana greatly appreciates all the help she and many others received from AMG International and its donors, which provided groceries along with the financial assistance needed to buy water and food for all the families of the child and youth development center. She tells us that most of the houses in the area have been restored, and the roads have been rebuilt.

With the support of our faithful financial partners, AMG International was able to meet a deep need, inspire hope, restore lives, and impact a community. We blessed many families affected by the storms by providing basic goods, a New Testament, and financial assistance for residents to purchase water during a difficult time in Peru. Juana is “thankful to God for moving on the hearts of AMG International’s donors to help us, and for being the channel of blessing to the affected families. It was for them a joyful experience following the difficulties they went through. We know that many AMG supporters were praying for the people of Peru and God has been merciful to us.”

The faithful stewardship of our financial partners makes it possible for AMG International to respond to natural and man-made disasters that affect people like Juana, and her family, throughout the world. We are beyond grateful for your generous partnership in reaching out to people in need.


PERU: After the Flood…

In March of 2017 Peru was hit badly by floods and mudslides that destroyed many houses and killed 72 people in several cities. Likewise, more than half a million people in and around Lima, which has a desert climate, were affected by the severe flooding caused by weeks of rain sweeping from the highlands to the coastal areas.

On March 19 the strong and rising currents of the Huaycoloro River overflowed its banks, causing the collapse of the well-traveled Talavera Bridge in San Juan de Lurigancho. This particular bridge was the most widely used connector for the people in the area. Its sudden destruction isolated the town for several days as the floodwaters also washed out sections of the surrounding roadways – affecting more than one million inhabitants and one of AMG International’s child and youth development centers in Peru.

When the disaster struck, many affected locations lost all access to drinking water due to the high-water levels of the Rimac River that provides potable water to all of metropolitan Lima. Along with it came the closure of important transport ways in and out of the city. As a consequence, the price of many basic goods increased, creating an additional hardship on the local residents. The region found itself in great need.